Gabrielle Holder is a licensed clinical therapist with over sixteen years of experience in psychotherapy and counseling. Along with her therapy practice, Gabrielle provides workshops to mental health professionals, groups at schools (parents, student and faculty groups), and the larger community.

Gabrielle specializes in working with a broad spectrum of clients and her practice is designed to support healthy behaviors, emotional growth and improved relationships. Among her areas of expertise are adolescents and adults, relationships, work/life balance, anxiety, depression, strategizing with with parents in new ways of interacting with and supporting their children, family dynamics, mindfulness, maternal health, and identity development.

As a multiracial woman of color, Gabrielle has witnessed the impact of identity on personal development. Over the years, she has come to understand that self awareness and self care are pathways to moving beyond limiting thoughts. As a trained therapist with a specialization in adolescents and adults transitioning to new stages in life, she has a keen interest in exploring aspects of identity development and its impact on life’s narrative. Identity and cultural narratives are an integral part of Gabrielle’s practice and philosophy as a therapist. This work informs her conviction that people have an amazing capacity for growth, development, and change.

Gabrielle is also a fitness and art enthusiast and enjoys running and creative arts as a means for self care. She works with individuals and families in a dynamic and positive focused approach for self understanding. She integrates insight oriented perspectives and complementary methodologies to offer a personalized approach tailored to each client. She may utilize alternative techniques (visualization/meditation/art therapy techniques/etc) to help clients deal with emotions often stored in the body and works closely with each individual to help them build on their strengths to attain the personal growth they wish to accomplish.

Education and Experience
Gabrielle completed her graduate work in Education and Clinical Social Work at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts and attended the University of Pennsylvania for additional graduate studies. Gabrielle has worked in a range of capacities in New York, California, and now Washington, DC. She has been a Counselor/Therapist at a multitude of prestigious independent schools schools (Horace Mann in New York and The College Preparatory School in California) and also with graduate students at the San Francisco Art Institute. She currently serves as the Counselor at Georgetown Day School and is a Faculty Field Advisor for graduate students from Smith College School of Social Work. In addition, she stays active as an alumna as Co-Chair of the Alumni Leadership Council for the Smith College School of Social Work.

DC License: LICSW – LC50080704
MD License: LCSW-C 22456