At Evolve Therapy, we work together

to provide thoughtful and effective

therapy for our clients.

Our therapists are professionally trained, collaborative, and utilize their skills and insight to cultivate a deeper understanding of the environment, culture, social, and emotional development that impact how one experiences life. We are committed to providing reflective and goal-oriented services tailored to each client.

Evolve specializes in helping individuals and families who are looking to make important changes in their lives. Issues that are at the core of one’s’ identity can be incredibly challenging when they are not going well. Concerns with work, development, relationships, love, friendships, family, loss, parenting, or health can generate intense feelings of sadness, worry, insecurity, and stress. Our purpose is to work collaboratively with you on your path towards change.

Psychotherapy – brief or long term – is a personal journey that ultimately leads to an honest appraisal of our boundaries and resources in meeting life’s challenges.

Evolve believes in a person’s natural desire and ability to move forward in a positive light. People need to connect with somaeone who understands their unique and shared experiences to initiate this growth process.

Evolve’s approach is one that works from an emotionally focused lens and considers all factors that have contributed to your understanding of self. Evolve believes that we are products of multiple systems – family, society, relationships, and culture.  We will work with you to bring a deeper awareness of the impact these systems have on your lived experience.

As our client, it is important that you feel comfortable and accepted.

Evolve values working with people from a multitude of religious backgrounds, nationalities, sexual orientations, ethnic, racial, and cultural identities.

Our sun-lit contemporary offices help clients feel relaxed and comfortable when visiting. We look forward to speaking with you.